sábado, 19 de março de 2016

Wonderful Crochet Blouse

Hello my friends and followers here on our site, how are the projects and works made of you, everything going well? Hope so. All people regardless if they are already experienced or started now in the beautiful world of crochet crafts, everyone should always be doing patterns and practicing, because perfection comes with practice is not really. Always look for something different to do, with simple and straightforward patterns to the most challenging as you increase your skills. And thus increasing your knowledge and skills can increase level in crochet.

Making new patterns is always good and with that we get more experiences in this beautiful world that is crochet. It was the time when crochet was a thing of grandmother and old people, now it is practiced by young people, that is to say it is not more age certain for the practice of crochet. It is even indicated by doctors because of its benefits that are not few, some of them are to improve motor coordination, improve memory and brain function, and bring satisfaction. Take your materials, if necessary buy new ones go and buy everything brand new and beautiful and make beautiful pieces.

Doing beautiful work for us is very rewarding, and also satisfying all customers if it is the case of sale, thus also being a lucrative job having an extra income with your crochet work. The crochet comes again gaining its space and entering the trends of the new fashion with crochet sweaters, sweaters and shawls are the main in the crochet clothing part plus blankets, shoes, rug, table paths anyway, plus many things that are made with crochet.

Crochet can be made according to your creativity as well and make one pieces more beautiful than the other. Doing things with love changes everything because we leave the piece more and more beautiful, and undoubtedly the crochet is very elegant and simple depends on the way you do, this is the good and be versatile.

It fits in any occasion you can wear when you want the crochet pieces, and with that I was researching crochet clothes to share with you, and I separated a pattern of lovely crochet blouse for you as in the model above that I left to see how it is in the final result. Making a crochet piece is very cheap because the material that is used, in the wire case, is cheap even if it is smooth or mixed with details, compensating for the people who sell their work.

We can find crochet sweaters in many shops of handmade pieces, of various points and different colors, pleasing to all. As crochet is handmade and with this it takes a while to do because of the stitches having to do with more care than carpets which is repeated stitches and everything straight but nothing that is not rewarding in the end. The crochet came back on the catwalks being used again, enjoy and make blouses and beautiful pieces to use.

I leave below for you the graphics that are used to make this pattern of crochet blouse. Make different colors and please everyone and also make pieces to sell that is welcome. I hope you enjoy, enjoy our page on facebook Xell Crafts and stay always inside our news, good work and until the next pattern.




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