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Curved Log Cabin Quilt

Hello, welcome, if you are already in the world of crafts or starting your activities, surely you need to know all the techniques of patchwork for beginners. This is a very old handicraft, it is a beautiful handicraft that besides pleasing many people is a great way to occupy your time with activities that bring tranquility, care and well-being and for a lot of people being a great form of therapy occupational health. A number of different techniques are used in the handling of fabric flaps with different patterns, colors and patterns in order to create beautiful pieces.

They can be for personal use as well as decorative and maybe even as a source of income. It is currently quite popular in the United States. It can also be called a Quilt, which means "mending pieces". More and more I am looking for this craft besides the crochet that will make you fall in love. This technique is one of the oldest that has been recorded, the first works already found to date date from the period before Christ. In wartime it was a form of survival that soldiers wore beneath the armor that offered the most protection.

Even in times of crisis, it was used by mothers who could not afford to buy children's clothes and sewed pieces of food bags. The importance can go far beyond beauty and decor. You can use this craft technique as beautiful decorative and personal materials such as cushions, curtains, bed and table sets, storage bags, sofa covers, sofa and crib blankets, bathroom sets, home rugs, all types kitchen accessories, puffs and dolls, it is even possible to make clothes.

It is a technique whose quality is in the improvement, so you do not have to start doing complex work and can start doing some things by hand instead of going straight to the sewing machine. More important than the type of technique, it is necessary to know how to do it with precision, that goes from the cuts until the assembly of the fabrics.


Acrylic Rulers
Circular bundles - thus allowing a more precise cut
Craft pencil
Pins and a set of basic lines - always try to match the line with the pattern of the fabric used
Fabrics - of different colors and patterns.

The most indicated fabrics are cotton without elastane and you can start with it mainly because they are firmer and easier to handle. Remember that every inch is important and stretching fabrics can deform the work. Before entering the sewing machine, test the fabric assemblies by pinning them or even sewing by hand. As much as you are sure of the precision of the cuts or imagine the final result, it is always good to test before doing the definitive work, because then you will notice small adjustments.

Today's quilt is beautiful and has the name of Curved Log Cabin, it has a beautiful designer as well as I left in the photos here for you to see the final result. For all who like quilt this is a very beautiful technique and that has intermediate difficulty level. Enjoy the video tutorial below, choose the colors you prefer to combine and good work.

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Morning Star Block

If you like quilt and look for new pattern to upgrade and make gorgeous pattern here is the place, look no further, here is where you can find patterns from the simplest to the most complex. Here you will find lots of diversity and you will fall in love with every incredible pattern that exists here on the site. So everyone who is interested in quilt and wants to learn more and if they update on more techniques know then that this to the right place! We have prepared this pattern to help all that as well as I love the craftsmanship and do with whimsy, dedication and always study.

We always select patterns that are on the rise and the innovations that are appearing in the crafts with simple to difficult patterns and different techniques to further improve and obtain skills and have more practice to develop their projects to perfection. Our website is very complete with a wealth of amazing, step-by-step patterns, videos, PDFs, graphics and inspiring photos to help you see how your work will look. Want to know more about the pattern we separate today? So let's start!

About the Pattern

The pattern I bring to you today is the vibrant Morning Star block quilt pattern. It is a great option for those who want to sew several beautiful blocks of quilt that when stitching designs arise, being sewn side by side. I love quilt star block because it always gets a perfect result, it's tradicioanis and it's simple and classic. They leave the graphic look modern because it is simple and its size also gives a change in the environment. Good for those who are in the beginner level and want to do a beautiful job, this is the time because this pattern is easy level.

You can attach the blocks and make a quilt or you can even hang on the wall as they are using lately. Change the colors in the areas of the quilt blocks you want, make combinations to create more variations. This is a great design opportunity for beginners because this pattern is done quickly and easily because it is simple.

Block designs are very common in the world of quilt. Even more that are quick to do and easy to sew. So do not waste time and enjoy and end the year with a new pattern, among others I've already left here on the site that can be organized to do next year as a new project for 2019. 

This pattern can have many useful functions, such as making quilts, purses, table legs, cases, whatever you want, and you think your work will be good. It can also have a decorating function such as use on the wall of some comodo and brighten up and make the environment more elegant with works of art created by you, since lately it has grown a lot this of decorating the house with quilt and other craft projects.

                                            Pattern PDF Free ➜ Morning Star Block


Curve It Up Log Cabin

Hello internet friends, how nice to have you on our site where we have all the best about the crafts that we love so much. People who already follow us and who always sees our patterns and news already know that we are like a novelty here on our site that is the quilt or how to know as patchwork. I was researching and found thousands of beautiful works of this type of crafts that we can also do quietly. We already have many available here for you that I left on this quilt craft, after a check.

The quilt is very easy to make too, there are people who find it even easier to do than crochet because they are cut and stitched fabrics in one another and thus forming works of art. Already the crochet must have a greater attention in relation of the points that if different already appears in his work. Many people who have never done this kind of work that they are enjoying very much and have increasingly praised and if interested by it, I'm sure you will also like, so let's go for another adventure, get your materials

Today's pattern is a beautiful quilt that can be modified in many ways, known by the name of Curve It Up Log Cabin. The design makes me think of several things and ideal for the finish and also in several jobs that I can do with this pattern. Our imagination influences a lot so have some time just for you and for you to have new ideas of new arts and even pieces that you already have that we can innovate.

We can either do a great job to use as quilts, or we can use as decoration by leaving on some wall that you want to change. You can also make only one block so you can use it for other things you want. Sometimes we create things that we have never seen and it is simply beautiful, as in crochet the quilt can also do as you want the color or change something of the pattern to be as original as possible.

This block begins with attention in the center design that is formed with the pieces of fabric. Crafts teaches us that we can do much more than just what we show on paper, we can do works with our own way of changing when we want, so we create original works with our own hands.

The colors are also totally free, I read since a woman said that the change of colors can change until the direction of the pattern that for example placing in the center a fabric of red color and other yellows thus giving a light like it was fire. Already different that if you put a lighter color as a rose would already completely change the harmony of your work, then the color you make will change well what it will convey.

Here is a block from the Curve It Up Log Cabin Block that has done many beautiful works. Now I leave you photos to be inspired and give new ideas and for those who like it can see the video tutorial below with the complete step by step, enjoy and make beautiful patterns. Until the next pattern here on our site, good work to all of you.


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Starburst Quilt

Hello friends and friends .. I greet all of you who always accompany us on our site and who always want to improve their skills in this aréa of crafts that we love, more specific in this post the quilt. Like many comments on the site or on our page, thank goodness for sharing patterns and tips. They also send pictures showing the result of their work and I am very happy about it because I see that I help many people to learn more each day.

Many people do not like to help other people by offering patterns for free, because they do not want to share knowledge for free, they just want people to just buy models, get them for us, but we at CK Craft want to get that help so more people can make new projects for the people who sell, we are always helping to bring news to your store and increase your sales as there are people who can afford the norm. Keep reading and good work for everyone, let your imagination flow.

The work done with the hands is very rewarding. It is indicated as a great hobby having several benefits such as improved motor coordination, improved mental health, improves memory, distracts the head and also indicated for treatment of depression. Working with fabrics is done since many years ago, joining fabrics in different ways giving new designer with every change. As time went by, the craftsmanship has been updating itself, modernizing and growing every day.

About Pattern

The pattern I bring to you today to share with my friends is the pattern called Starburst Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt. It's a quilt with a modern star-like designer with triangle-like trimmings.

The pattern I bring to you today to share with my friends is the pattern called Starburst Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt. It's a quilt with a modern star-like designer with triangle-like trimmings. It can have color variations to mix or match tones. Can do according to the occasion or according to the decoration, whichever you prefer. Also being a great gift idea for someone dear.

Bedspread Size

The size of the Jenny quilt is 57 × 57, including the 4.5 "border [48 × 48 without border]. It was used 16 pieces of layer cake with colored or focus printing [square of 10] and 16 pieces of cake with background layer [or 10]. The quilt has 8 rows and 8 columns for 64 blocks of the half square triangle format [HST].

The quilts are to warm us up and also to make the environment more pleasant and beautiful; are always welcome. A well crafted and sewn piece will give another result. Decide the fabrics, the colors and do a beautiful job. Below I leave the link with the information to do this work, that is easier to understand and to follow. Enjoy the pattern and do beautiful work, see you soon and enjoy yourself

Pattern Free 👉 Starburst Quilt


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Twisted Bargello Quilt

A patchwork quilt will never go out of fashion, it's from antiquity and even today they exist with much more modernity. As time went on, the patterns were being renewed and modified, and today there are countless types of patterns and techniques made with fabrics. People who make handicrafts with their hands should always be updating themselves along with the modernity because it is always renewed. Remember that the more you practice the better your skill and experience will be able to pass from the craft level.

There are 3 main types of craftsmanship levels that are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Always practice more, try to make patterns that challenge you to test your skills, never be afraid to do some pattern because you think it is difficult. You can not always make pattern patterns because you will not be able to train more advanced things. Especially for those who work with sales it is important to always update so that you are always with news in your store.

This quilt looks beautiful on the wall as a decoration. Techniques of amendment and how to do this one of Bargello that will be taught here in our site. Keep reading and good work. The Bargello quilt has a surprisingly result, even with all the details and the dramatic swings and curves done with the waves of the colors and textures of quilts. It's amazing how simple strips and lines turn into gorgeous bedspreads.

Color Choice

You need to choose more than one color to give the 3D effect. Many people choose up to 4 shades or more being always a tone on top of each other to give the most beautiful yet 3D effect and diminishing color, dark for the lightest or the opposite. Choose the colors that have the best results. Bring that basket of tecios in your stock of colors or go to a store to buy fabrics or you can even buy online for convenience, a tip is the great site of Amazon.

The pattern of matter today is a cosmic twist type pattern. It is a mixture of colors and pieces of stitched fabrics that slightly changing the alignment of the fabrics changes the ending thus giving the twisting effect. This pattern model uses several pieces of fabric cut into strips with different colors and being sewn into each strip all.


1. Always align fabrics so that they are not bent before sewing fabrics and strips.
2. Observe in the choice of tissues if there are no tears or blemishes.
3. Wash tissues before use.

If your dream was to create beautiful bedspreads then take full advantage of this Bargello pattern and come to fruition. Eileen Wright wrote her second book on the subject, Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts, her teaching style is friendly. Take a look below that I leave video tutorial, I leave two types of design to do and get inspired. I also leave the step by step image I found and video tutorial. So, get your materials, rotary cutter, fabrics and start doing this new project: you can do it! Below I also leave a photo with other colors that can be done. Good job.

                                         Pattern Step by Step 👉Twisted Bargello Quilt


Labyrinth Quilt

Hello friend, welcome to another post on our site. Given the requests I am bringing a different pattenr of crochet, patterns of quilt or patchwork as you prefer or know this technique. I find it very cool and fun to do as the crochet, and this super trendy and high. The quilt technique has existed for a long time as well and is made up of exhibitions and quilt and pattern championships. This type of craftsmanship is also widely practiced and sought after, good for people who sell their jobs thus having an extra income at the end of the month, it can even be the main income depending on the customers and value of their pieces. 

It has jobs that reach 3 thousand reais. We can do crochet work and also quilt so reaching all the craft public of these modalities. We can always organize to make new patterns and practice, increase our skills and increase our knowledge to increasingly make new pieces of different levels of difficulty. Always the time we have available in our chair making our crafts quietly, thus improving our motor coordination and our self esteem with the satisfaction of a job ready.

Today's pattern is about a beautiful work called Labyrinth Quilt. This work is done with the union of stitched fabrics by line, making a geographic design and a type of star in the center. Always pattern that has stars make the design more beautiful and that enchant to all. 

I started researching on quilt and found it very interesting and good to do. I've done a lot of work on this technique from smaller patterns to bigger ones, a tip I tell you is to start without having to rush to finish. We must have patience and persistence to do something different and increase your knowledge. Knowledge is never too much, remember this.

We can do with this pattern inumerous models such as we can make two smooth colors, or we can make a color and the white background, we can mix the prints as for example, mix a plain fabric with a printed fabric as I left the example in the picture below and also in the photo I left of the example of the color of blue can make several shades so having the white background that matches everything. Make it your liking and as your imagination dictates.

I'm sure you'll like this pattern to make a beautiful quilt or to leave in your decor. Remember that your imagination counts a lot when it comes to creating, doing with love, dedicate yourself to everything you do, always separate time for yourself, your work or hobby, nothing better than having a quality time for you and stay calm doing what you like is not really. So let's go.

So let's get down to business, if you also liked this pattern and found it amazing just like me, start right now doing your first job of this Labyrinth Quilt pattern and increase your craft knowledge. Below I leave the pattern that I found searching the internet with all the step by step and the necessary information that I left to share with you. You can make this quilt using a machine if you prefer, good work for everyone.

Pattern Step by Step ➨ Labyrinth Quilt


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Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Hello crafts friends, how is your year end and projects? I hope everything is alright. Let's go to another craft pattern to feed our knowledge and experience in this beautiful world that we love. Also leave comments on how you managed the beautiful works with our standards shared with us. I love receiving photos of the work of our readers, send us the messenger of our page that I leave available at the end of the story. So let's go to what matters, which is one more standard, which is quilt / patchwork today.

The technique of patchwork is a great trend of craftsmanship known as crochet, it is an old technique and has a level from simple to more complex, is a technique of the ancients and is to this day more modernized and more and more beautiful. Do you know the meaning of the word "Patchwork"? The translation means "working with retail". So let's learn a little more in this post about this incredible pattern from today, read on and we're going on this new adventure.

It joins fabric types of different shapes and colors and is the top of the design, since the complete work is the quilting, formed by the top, the acrylic blanket and the bottom fabric, all sewn by a technique called quilting, just like you already saw and learned in other patterns here that we left for you so enjoy. Learning new things is always good for our development and our growth and ability

The quilt looks very beautiful and enchants the environment where to leave with its simplicity and its colors. There are a multitude of ways to use Patchwork in decoration and this technique is very versatile, allowing you to create the most varied shapes and combinations of different colors, patterns and textures and bring more joy to your environment.

This quilt is great for changing the environment and making it more cozy, also great for giving a wedding gift. He is one of the most beautiful quilts, any bride would be happy to win as a gift. The top quilt is 62 "x 73".

Make beautiful works with this pattern, can make two colors or one, is at your discretion. This pattern has a wave designer that is thus forming a very modern and beautiful drawing to make. I leave below a photo with the result of this beautiful pattern to serve as inspiration for you.

Below this photo with the simple and beautiful result, we have the link with the PDF available of this pattern with the step by step of this model pattern which is what I left in the photos of the final results. I also leave a video tutorial at the end to understand better. This pattern does not require much practice and knowledge to do, nor does it spend much to do. I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy it.

                                    Pattern Step by Step ➩ Double Wedding Ring Quilt



Fireworks Quilt Pattern

Hello welcome to our site, you will always find many beautiful things here, and these days I was researching new patterns to bring here for you and I saw several beautiful works with the kind of work of craftsmanship that is called paatchwork / quilt. Just as I already left a beautiful quilt pattern here, if you have not seen it yet after a look at the previous pattern posted, I'm sure you'll love it. This type of work is done with pieces of sewn together fabrics, to form the pattern that you want to make and also every way of cutting fabrics is becoming different and more beautiful.

See today the incredible pattern that I have separated for you about this novelty here on our website, beautiful quilt pattern that we are already practicing and of course we love. Always, it is always good to learn new things because it increases our knowledge and improves our abilities so we start and we have the potential to achieve new things and achieve with success and much dedication. Below is a picture of today's beautiful work for you to enjoy. Come on .. then let's go.

Today's pattern is a beautiful Quilt Patchwork Fireworks Quilt Pattern. It is a type of block made of fabric in the practice of quilt, can be shaped as you prefer, being simple or even filled. With this beautiful quilting pattern you can make a quilt that has two functions, to warm us and also decorate our bed and it is still cozy. You can also use it on the wall as many people do to decorate the environment.

So you can make this beautiful pattern to decorate your home, your environment, give as a gift to someone you love or else you can produce and sell this work to your customers being a great way to have an extra income. There are various quilt patterns to make quilts with fabric. This technique is very easy to do and to learn even if you are a beginner.

This quilt block is the perfect choice for jobs that you want to do in different sizes. You can make various sizes by intercalating in a single quilt or you can also make a quilt from larger blocks, or quilt from smaller blocks, as you prefer. I left your quilt as you want so being more personalized and original.

The good thing about crafts is that we can do as we want and we can change by leaving more in our way. Blocks like this quilt are great for practicing and improving our skills, we should always be practicing independently if you already know. I'm in love with the result of this ready pattern, it's just beautiful. It has the designer of stars made with the union of the stitched fabrics. As if they were firecrackers even if they easily join with the seam.

After you start to make the first block in diaries everything gets easier so do not give up and then get the practice. It is not a quick quilt to make like other patterns but the end is very rewarding. If you also like this pattern then enjoy and make yours too. Below is available the PDF of this beautiful pattenr, enjoy and until the next work.

Pattern PDF ➠ Fireworks Quilt




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